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What people have said:

‘As a Partner with a high potential female senior manager on maternity leave, both the individual and I found the Transition coaching programme invaluable. Val was great in supporting both of us, providing guidance and structure and ensuring we put our arms around the individual, but Val understands our business and thinks commercially as well – so the coaching was also delivered with that in mind.  The manager kept in touch during maternity leave and had a smooth transition back into the workplace.  I don’t think that would have happened without the coaching provided by Val which helped the individual come back to work with confidence.’  (Professional Services – January 2013)

‘I had recently applied for 2 roles within my organisation and I am pleased to say that I was offered both of them. I am sure that how I was able to position and present myself was a lot down to the coaching that you have done with me over the last few months. I found it invaluable, and continue to do so as there are many aspects of what we did together that I refer to on day to day basis. It has certainly enhanced the way I present myself as well as understanding more and more how to interact with different types of individuals both in a business and professional environment.’ (Professional Services – December 2012)

‘I managed to pass! Thank you so much for all your help and support. I don’t think I would have slept for several nights beforehand without the mindfulness technique to help manage my thoughts and calm me down. I really did appreciate our sessions and have learned a great deal from them, which I hope to continue.’  (Mindfulness client – Spring 2013)

‘Val is an intuitive coach, really getting to the heart of the topics while also opening up areas and solutions I had not thought off.  Her thought provoking questioning techniques and exercises really allowed me to see things from different perspectives, providing clarity and much needed motivation to achieve goals.’  (December 2012)