About VS Coaching

So what’s on offer and what’s different from other coaching services. VS Coaching is built on a foundation that develops all work around the individual needs of the client. There is a unique offering of coaching services that cover a variety of career and life challenges:

Executive coaching working with individuals and groups to achieve impact and success

  • This is customised to meet the needs of the individual coaching client and organisation. The focus is aimed at moving forwards to create a transformation that can be recognised and built on using psychometric tools at the discretion of the client.
    Transition coaching is designed specifically for women who are pregnant or adopting a child working at both an individual and organisation level to ensure female talent is not lost as a result of parenthood
  • This programme involves a series of coaching sets with the woman and separately with her line manager, before, during and after return to the work place to ensure.
  • The coaching can be offered as part of 1:1 programme with the individuals or as a blended mix of 1:1 and group coaching.
  • The programme will generally cover 12 – 18 months and may be extended beyond the return to work period to support the woman in achieving her on-going career goals.

Wellbeing coaching is about getting the balance back in to busy lives. This coaching zone covers a series of options from an organisation focus on building wellbeing and resilience to an 8-week Mindfulness based stress reduction programme which can be delivered to groups or individuals. This 8 week mindfulness programme is a great way to keep you on the right side of stress related illness. If you have suffered a period of stress or depression and are looking for some coping mechanisms this programme may well be the answer. Many famous people before you have found out the benefits of mindfulness.

  • General resilience building workshops can be delivered to small or large groups and be followed by a one to one coaching programme to build individual change.